Helpful Tips for Putting on a Wetsuit

Putting on a wetsuit for the first time can be quite daunting. But fear no more!  Listed below are some tips to help guide the process of getting in and out of your new suit. But before we get started, it's helpful to understand how wetsuits work. 

By trapping a layer of water between you and the material, a wetsuit uses your body heat to warm that water, thereby warming you. Because of this, it's important wetsuits fit properly. Wearing one too loose or baggy will allow too much water to get in and the process won't work. Conversely, if your wetsuit fits too tight, it will restrict movement and be uncomfortable-- not things that will enhance your surfing experience!

Also, something to keep in mind before you try on a new suit is that though the fabric is durable, it can easily be torn or punctured. Be mindful of your fingernails and toenails. And always handle wetsuits with your fingertips. Now on to the tips...

Take your time. Because wetsuits are meant to fit snug, it's best to take your time while putting it on.

Be sure to have the wetsuit positioned correctly. Note that most wetsuits are designed with the zipper in the back, but check to see which is the front and which is the back.

Start with one leg. Once you have it over your foot and ankle, work it up the leg in sections, pulling gently until you reach the hips.  Once you have both legs in, continue with the arms. Follow the arms by carefully pulling the suit up to your neck. 

Patience is key. Breathe and know if will not always take this long for you. Go slow when removing. Don't rush yourself. 

Like anything else in life this will get easier with practice. Now get out there!